Abexo Free Registry Cleaner

On This Page Download Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is a analyzes the registry seeking driver DLL’s, invalid file associations erroneous help files, fonts and sounds that could be damaging your system. The interface’s appearance is not impressive in any way since it has simplistic elements, but Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is very easy to navigate through.

The registry defragger/compacter removes empty spaces after a registry cleanup and thereby reduces Windows registry size. The job quickly and in providing the defragger/compacter, effectively gives you two bits of software in one.

Abexo free registry cleaner is an accurate registry cleaner. It cleans all the unwanted and bad registry files and it speeds up your computer’s preformance, and it also frees up the space that the registry files are hogging. /> Pros: it cleans any bad registry file and speed up your computer.


  • Abexo Free Registry Cleaner is absolutely Free & Safe Download!
  • Abexo Free Registry Cleaner Latest Version!
  • Works with All Windows versions
  • Users choice

Please Note: you should Download Abexo Free Registry Cleaner app only from trusted publishers and retail websites.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System:  Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Starter,
  • Intel Pentium II 350MHz or above, or any Athlon
  • 512 MB RAM or above
  • Size:2.75 Mb