Buffalo Wild Wings Tablet

On This Page Download Buffalo Wild Wings is in partnership with NTN Buzztime to convey the firms tablet-based entertainment platform into all North American locations by the end of next year. This agreement is in response to a successful testing period of the tablets, in approximately 30 Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. The custom platform, BEOND tablet, can allow Buffalo Wild Wings guests to order food, request songs and television programmes, play games in both multi-player and arcade-style formats, and most importantly pay the bill.

VP of Guest Experience and Innovation for Buffalo Wild Wings, Ben Nelsen said, “We worked closely with Buzztime to customize tabletop tablets that align with our brand, streamline some of our most popular gaming and music features and enhance Guests’ social interaction with the Buffalo Wild Wings brand.

Buffalo Wild Wings Engages Guests with Next-Gen Tabletop Tablets. … With a mix of complimentary and paid content, the BEOND tablets enable multi-player, multi-location gaming; guests may play popular trivia and poker games against other individuals, another table or even other restaurant locations


  • A rounded leading edge cross-section.
  • A sharp trailing edge cross-section.
  • Leading-edge devices such as slats, slots, or extensions.
  • Trailing-edge devices such as flaps or flaperons (combination of flaps and ailerons)
  • Winglets to keep wingtip vortices from increasing drag and decreasing lift.

Please Note: carefully note the restrictions listed in any offer as the ..the mobile application, or an in-restaurant tablet application.

System Requirements:

CPU:2+ GHz Intel or AMD (x86) processor
Hard disk:1 GB of free uncompressed space
DVD-ROM:For installation
Graphics card:3D DirectX 10 accelerator with at least 512 MB dedicated RAM, 32-bit color.
Monitor Resolution:1920×1080 monitor resolution