Cakemania 3 Online

On This Page Download Cakemania 3 Online A while back, my brother-in-law was going through some old computer files and one of them was Cake Mania. I was curious so I went into the computer and downloaded it just to see what was inside. Some research read here, discovered other suspicious sites linking to Cake Mania, also as an exe file which infects the computer after thorough searching on the net. 

There’s no way of telling which one it came from but when you find one or more, delete them immediately. Also, never trust someone that wants you to put in things like cookies, or what have you etc. Well, after searching through the various online forums that are floating around, I found out that Cake Mania was behind the crashes and had to be the reason for it.

Play free online games that are unblocked and require no download. These games come as a full version and can be played on many devices including Mac, Windows …


  • The third addition in the award-winning online PC Cake Mania franchise from Sandlot Games that has been downloaded 100 million times worldwide and sold more than 650,000 units worldwide across DS and Wii.
  • Master 84 new levels of cake-baking craziness.
  • Travel to 6 different bakery environments including the Jurassic Period, Medieval England and the Future. Each environment has its own unique cake styles.
  • Customize Jill’s bakeries with 50 unique kitchen upgrades: ovens, shoes, frosters, display stands, microwaves, TVs, toppers and frosterators.
  • For the first time in the series, players can change Jill’s outfits throughout the game.
  • Serve 30 new demanding customers, from Medieval Wizards to Ancient Egyptian Mummies.
  • Unlock three different mini games, including Servo-Rama, Cakey-Makey and Copy Cakes.
  • Receive trophies for completing specific tasks and follow your accomplishments in the Trophy Room.
  • All-new power-ups.

Please Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function.

System Requirements:

  • CPU:Pentium II 400Mhz or better
  • RAM:128 MB System RAM
  • GPU:3D Hardware Accelerated Video Card with 16MB Video RAM
  • DX:Direct-X 7 or above
  • OS:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Network:Internet connection is required to register both the download and CD-ROM versions of the game
  • +Internet Explorer 5.0+, AOL 5,6 or MSN browsers