How To Hard Reset OnePlus 6 to its Original Factory Settings

On this Page we will show you How To Hard Reset OnePlus 6 to its Original Factory Settings, resetting or reformat to its original factory after long time or after update to new software version will improve device permormance and it will clear all old files and cache stored in phone’s memory, it will fix software Bugs.

Do you need to Reset Your Device?

Is your OnePlus 6 device Heating, Slow down, Lagging, Battery Draining, App stopped ‘error‘, showing memory full without having much personal data on your device, using a while with out doing reset? it will cause of unwanted cache stored on phone memory,

Doing Soft or Hard reset Frequently to your device is best for your device, it will improve overall permormance and you can fix software bugs,

Security Patch?

A security patch is update from android, that will improve your device security, and it will secure your device from unauthorized access of your device exp, stolen.

Please keep your device up-to-date, All major Brands keeps Sending Updates in every 2-3 month to Mobiles and Tablet devices for security patches to improve performance and fix any kind of Bugs.

Steps to Hard Reset OnePlus 6:-

To Hard Reset your OnePlus 6 Follow Step by step instructions to avoid any type of damage to your device.

Before Doing Please Read How to Backup Data to Personal Google Account.

1- GoTo Settings

2- go down in settings and select System,

3- then select Reset Option

4- in reset options select Erase all data

5- now carefully tick on erase internal storage (if you want to erase your photos, contacts, apps, all data in your device) other wise simply select Delete all data ,

6- Final step you need patience, please wait few minutes it will take time 30-40 minutes to fully restore to its factory setting.

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