Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver Windows 10

On This Page Download Intel HD Graphics 4400 Driver Windows 10 It is powerful enough for web surfing, reading email, watching movies on YouTube or Hulu, social networking, sending 140 character tweets, looking at your selfies, and taking those movies you filmed with your iPhone and sending them up into the net. A graphics card is a small unit of a computer that is responsible for handling graphics files, pictures, and videos, and creating images, and showing them on the device screen.

Graphics processing has become a staple of modern computers today, in improving photos, editing videos, watching movies, playing games, or wanting to have a professional Windows experience. The Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics card brings impressive graphics processing power to your computer at an incredible value.

Intel develops graphics drivers so that Windows* operating systems can communicate with specific Intel® graphics devices. Intel has generic versions of the Intel® Graphics Drivers available but recommends using drivers from your computer manufacturer.


ArchitectureGen. 7.5 Haswell
Pipelines20 – unified
Core Speed200 – 1100 (Boost) MHz
Memory Bus Width64/128 Bit

Please Note:  tried step 1 and it scans and detects an error but does not fix it. “Intel HD Graphics 4000 is not working properly”. 

System Requirements:

  • We recommend 4GB of RAM for a system with
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 Desktop.