Light Manager

On This Page Download Light Manager pro has the same functionality as the original Light Manager with reduce permissions and better permission handling. However It contains persistent app icon. Light Manager is an application that lets you set up the LED of your Android device however you like. If you do not like persistent icon, you may try the original app that can remove persistent icon.

Light Manager is an amazing customization app thanks to which you can create truly useful LED notifications that you can actually understand.

Light Management is much more than the use of motion sensors. It is the optimal connection of user interfaces, control units, daylight- and motion sensors and electronic control gears and performs much more. … Light management from OSRAM enables all this especially through the operation of intelligent sensors.


  • You can able to choose lots of different color for different alerts
  • Supports all social networks apps notifications
  • Normal Mode – Only LED color for the first notification will be flashing
  • Alternating Mode – A few LED colors will be flashing alternately when multiple notifications are received
  • Screen Mode – Notifications alert will be shown on screen (For those devices without a physical notification LED, only available for Android 4.3 and above)
  • Enhanced settings

Please Note: If you are using Android 4.2 or Android 4.1 then make sure that your phone has root access. No Need any root access for Android 4.3 onwards. You need to enable the Notification Access for Light Manager at Setting > Security > Notification Access > Light Manager.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2008/2003/2012. 
  • CPU: x86 or x64 dual-core Processor at min 800 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Network: Gigabit Ethernet Recommended
  • Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Monitor: None required as the software may be installed remotely and administered remotely via ThinManager.