Magnetic Clothes Hangers

On This Page Download Magnetic Clothes Hangers that allow you to hang your clothes without the hooks, as they simply snap directly to the bottom of the hanging bar. The magnetic hangers come with a hook that you can use to make a regular hanger out of it if all you have is wood to hang it on, or you can put it on the bottom of the hanger to hang two items on the hanger. Hangers usually consist of a styled wooden, plastic or metal frame upon which clothing rests, with a hook component at the top.


  • MEIXI multi-use hook is designed to be both stylish and gentle to your garments.
  • The curved shape features a contemporary design which won’t snag even your most delicate clothing.
  • MEIXI Magnetics Coat Hook is easy to adhere to any metal surface – no mounting and hardware necessary!
  • The strong magnet supports your jacket, umbrella, purse, keys, etc. allowing them to hang freely.
  • The attractive mirror finish would look great in any home or office.

Please Note: Magnetic clothes hanger organizer is made of stainless steel and durable.


  • Weight: 110g.
  • size: 32 x 40mm.
  • colour: Silver.
  • Material: NdFeb Magnets.