Solarwinds Standard Toolset

On This Page Download SolarWinds Standard Toolset is a collection of fundamental network discovery and troubleshooting tools that enable network engineers to easily & effectively diagnose issues and manage small & midsize networks. Monitor & alert in real time on network availability & health with tools including Real-Time Interface Monitor, SNMP Real-Time Graph, & Advanced CPU Load.


  • Network stress testing. Learn More.
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting. Learn More.
  • Automated network discovery. Learn More.
  • Configuration and log management. Learn More.
  • IP address and DHCP scope monitoring. Learn More.
  • Network Packet Analyzer.
  • Network Device Scanner.
  • Network Device Discovery.
  • Wi-Fi Monitor.
  • SNMP Monitoring.
  • Visual Traceroute Tool.

Please Note: that this script has only been tested down to NPM 11.x.

System Requirements:

CPU500 MHz
Hard drive space3 GB
Memory128 MB
.NET Framework3.5 SP1 and 4.0