On This Page Download Winzip12 There are in the market many ways to send big files to others, actually, in these days everyone has good internet connections and good hardware, so your sending files action is pretty good. WinZip is an excellent tool to obtain file compressions. With the new WinZip 12, you can quickly and securely zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. 

WinZip is a Windows-based program that allows you to compress files and to open compressed files in . zip format. WinZip also has built-in support for most popular file compression and archive formats, including . gzip , BinHex ( . … WinZip is shareware; see the file license.


  • New intuitive, modern interface.
  • New work with files on your PC, network and clouds.
  • New share directly to leading cloud services.
  • New share by IM and social media.
  • New convert to PDF.
  • New resize and share images.
  • New add watermarks.

Please Note: that when using multiple switches, they must be in the order displayed below.

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
  • Internet Explorer 8 or later.
  • Microsoft . Net Framework 4.0 or later.