ZTE Mobile Update Guide ( Using SD Card)

ZTE Mobile Update Guide The software version and pictures in this document are just for reference only. Please use ZTE handset support website provided version to download software.

On this page you will learn how to download and install stock rom / firmware / flash file for ZTE Mobile Update Guide ( Using SD Card) mobiles and tablets,

please follow step by step instructions to avoid any further damanage or soft brick for your device,

1. Download the Update package ZTE Firmware and download the upgrade package (update.zip) that exact as your phone model.

2. If the downloaded package is not update.zip, unzip the package to obtain update.zip.

3. Ensure that your micro SD card is at least 2GB.

Note:Please refer to our current version download size. 2) Remove the SIM card, then back up the data and APPs in your phone before the upgrade. 3) Perform data backup.

Note: You should not remove the SD card during the backup process. To avoid data lost, it is not recommended to cancel the backup process.

4. Verify that the update.zip file in the root directory of the SD card matches the model of the phone. Do not modify the file name and extension name of the files in the upgrade package.

5. Verify that your phone has enough (at least 40%) power. Charge the phone if required. To avoid data lost or upgrade failure, it is not recommended to upgrade your phone through an SD card when the phone is being charged.

6. You should not perform any other operation on the phone during the upgrade process.

7. A normal upgrade should be completed in 3-5 minutes. If the phone does not reboot or show any response in 5 minutes, you should perform the upgrade process again. If the phone cannot be started, perform a forced upgrade. If the forced upgrade does not work, you should contact an after-sale service agent for support.

8. Upgrade Description There are two upgrade methods: normal upgrade and forced upgrade. If the phone cannot be started properly, for example, the phone cannot be started, or the phone does not enter standby state, perform a forced upgrade. If the phone can be started properly and the Settings menu can be selected, perform a normal upgrade.